on notes of April

all photos my own

I can't believe it's May. I say this every month, so I don't know why it still surprises me, but where did the month go. It's May! How crazy is that?! Here are a few thoughts from April:
  • I found employment. How happy was I? SO happy! The first being a PT temporary Freelance position for a designer here in NY. I know the experience is going to open a number of doors for me, even if it's such a small role to begin. It's excited and I am still grinning. The second being a PT retail job at Madewell for the days I am not Freelancing. 
  • The last couple weeks of April were beyond busy, but that's good. I am pleased with the busy. Though, there are a few emails I need to return and the thought of doing so is daunting, even if they are nothing taxing.
  • This is partially to do with the fact that I want to spend any sort of free time outside. I think it's safe to say that it's officially spring in NYC! Sandals and bare legs are out and about. I love it! My denim jacket and field coat are getting much wear again.
  • Everything is blooming. The flowers around trees and in small parks/gardens up where I live and throughout the city. Admittedly the downside is now all the cat-pee trees and other gross smelling tree [I don't know their proper names, but if you've smelt them you know!] are in full stench. 
  • I found a new favorite local coffee shop that's around the corner and down a few blocks from my apartment. It's super cute and even has a back patio/garden you can sit out at. I've yet to do so, but plan to soon.
  • The wonderful man at the corner deli near the subway stop that I swing by, to get super cheap coffee some mornings before work, officially recognizes and remembers that I take my coffee "black with no sugar". 
Plus, I am off to meet my best friend and some other friends to wander one of the markets in Brooklyn on this beautiful afternoon! I hope everyone's May is starting off well and that April ended on a high note. 



on white on white

01. Background: Peter-Paul de Meijer || 02. Background: Frank Stella || 03. Background: CoMod || Models: J.Crew || Collages by Me

You know what's been on my mind lately? The thoughts of wearing white on white on white... The idea of wearing head to toe white [maybe not shoes!] is so appealing to me lately. I think it's part of the serious summer on my mind, but nothing sounds more refreshing than dressing in white. So fresh. So crisp. So clean. I don't own a ton of white; save a pair of jeans, two button-downs, and some t-shirts...! I need to purchase a new pair of white shorts, I had a pair that was my summer go-to for close to eight years, they had their final summer a year ago. I would love a white denim skirt or white denim jacket- I can't decide if that is a good thought or bad thought. Of course an all white outfit isn't perfect when you live in New York, nor is it perfect when you have a penchant for spilling coffee; both of which I apply to me. Both men and women, I am loving the full white palette. I think it looks so relaxed and refined; no matter if it's a casual t-shirt, or a dressed up skirt and bow-tie.

It's funny, lately, I seem to want to either dress in all white, or shades of blue. 
What's on your mind lately? 


a few things from the past week

photo: my own

01. Wandered into Whole Paycheck [Whole Foods] with my best friend yesterday, Basil plants were on sale for $1.99. One came home with each of us. Pesto just tastes far better when it's homemade- not from a TJ's jar. I'm pretty excited about it! || 02. Drop-off laundry might be my new favorite thing, and by 'might be' I really mean is my new favorite thing. I've done my laundry for years; at home, at friends and even at a Laundromat. I've never dropped it off before, but needless to say, it's my new favorite thing. There is a wonderful place, literally two doors around the corner from my apartment-- and they do same day! Plus, it's cheap and they use dryer sheets [I was always too cheap to buy dryer sheets]. || 03. I've been listening to this Florence track from the new Great Gatsby film on repeat. Thank god the full track was finally released, not that it stopped me from listening to the 30 second preview over and over before hand. || 04. I got a job! It's some temporary PT Freelance work and all, but it's still a paycheck so I'll take it. Plus, the company will look amazing on my résumé. In all I feel it's going to be a great experience. 

outfit one- jacket: J.Crew || t-shirt: Gap || jeans: Madewell || loafers: Kohls || scarf: Marc by Marc Jacobs 
outfit two- jacket: J.Crew || blazer: Madewell || tank: Old Navy || jeans: Madewell || skimmers: Madewell

I hope your week has started off well!